Olympix is blue!

Friday, September 10, 2010 / Posted by Mercator College / comments (0)

Now, the Olympix will come soon, and there will be some people who will try to tell you that Mercator plays for fun, and that we never win. We definitely have fun playing. And truth is: last year we had two hard-earned second places, and this is, to my knowledge, the best we've ever had. And I understand those people's way of thinking that if you don't have any expectations, it doesn't hurt when you lose. I appreciate the advice.


I've found out that getting really into the spirit, training, going out for a fight on the sportsfield, and playing a good game - even a losing one - is more fun than playing for fun. And it's not like you can't win - with a bit of luck, anyone can. So just get motivated, focus on what you are really good at (i.e. every block should just really focus on one or two sports, and the players should keep their strength for those instead of playing everything all day long), train twice or so before the Olympix to get to know each other (but don't train right the day before, so that you have muscleache when you most need your muscles), and, well, win a first place, for cryin out loud! :) Make me proud, you ol' buggers!

That said, you must of course win the "Best-supported college" award.

Otherwise, you all know how to go on being awesome in all aspects (and by "all aspects" I mean partying).


Motivation by Momchil Minkov (Mercatorian, Class of 2010)

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010 / Posted by Rahul Jain / comments (0)

Heartiest congratulations to the graduating Mercator Class of 2010. Enjoy the last few days of your Mercator life.

P.S. This blog is dead, this is my last post here. Creating this page was a lot of work but sometimes it is better to let go.

Chat from Chat

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It's my first ever blog and my last semester at Jacobs. So, I am finally going to write something here leaving my shyness behind :p Like most of us, Mercator College has also become a second home for me over the past years. It's going to be so difficult leaving this place...but i don't want to think about that. I want to make the most of the remaining time here and at the same time finish my undergraduate studies successfully. I spent my last summer interning in the southern hemisphere, so winter has been pretty long for me...like the one in Narnia ;) Can't wait for the spring to come.

Looking forward to the upcoming CIDs, Spirit days and the best Cheer Ups on campus!!


Is this needed?

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Just wondering ... it seems that blogging is not popular amongst the current residents of Mercator College. So why not discontinue this blog?

It's almost been a month!

Monday, September 21, 2009 / Posted by Rahul Jain / comments (0)

It's almost been a month since I last saw Mercator. On a clammy morning I left, it was less than a month ago, though it feels ages have gone by.

Few things though haven't changed. This blog is as dead as it was back then, as dead as it has been since its inception. Why, I ask you all? Isn't there any in Mercator who would be willing to share his/her thoughts with us all, and with those outside the bubble? Maybe not.  All human wisdom though is summed up in two words - wait and hope and I shall try to do the same. Wait in the hope that a worthy blogger shall feel inclined to say something on this blog.

As for me, Zurich ain't bad. Taking a seilbahn (cable car) to get home each day is exciting enough in itself. And as for ETH - damn it is big. Though why there are so few girls here, I don't know! :P The University of Zurich seems to attract all the girls somehow. I will have to solve this mystery soon, for my  own good. :D

And Zurich, it is indeed a nice city. Nay it is beautiful, all hilly as I like it. It could be a little cheaper though. Oh, and a lot of people seem to speak English here. Just today I was in the mall wondering out aloud where to find garlic bread when a girl behind me told where exactly to find them. Not bad! And as for the Swiss German, I will have to wait for a reincarnation to understand them. :) Seriously speaking, it would be nice to understand what they are saying.

And in another news, someone I know recently spend a couple of months in the jungles of Namibia. How he managed to survive the ferocious lions and the venemous snakes, I do not know. He tells me he is safe and sound, but I will wait for my assessment till I meet him.

As for Mercator, I sure miss the college office. I probably spent more time there than in my room over the two last years - and definitely more that I spent in my lectures. :P Here's hoping that it remains as refreshing a place as it has always has been.

A job well done? It seems so. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009 / Posted by Rahul Jain / comments (0)

Tired of the Mercator website not matching up to the "lofty" standards set by our red and green cousins (the yellow ones have also done fairly well) I decided to revamp the Mercator Website. Actually, redo it from scratch. So for those of you who are somehow not aware of this, here is the website:

And here are some testimonials which make me feel rather happy :)

It looks MUCH better now with the more opaque menus! Great!
-Ivan M, former webmaster and the man responsible for the great content

congratulations to the new website, it looks great!
-Mandy, former college master and honorary member, Mercator

sweet! Great job!
- Warren, webmaster Jacobs University

Amazing work ... but loads too slow ... love the gallery and colours ...
- Ivan St., another in a long line of amazing webmasters at Mercator


Thursday, August 27, 2009 / Posted by blzmn / comments (1)

Rahul!!! I've just checked the new website! Amazing work! I just love the new gallery and the little weather box. The colours as well... My only critique is that it's somewhat slower to render, but I guess this should go to the flash developers and not to you...

Simply marvellous! Now all you need is someone to fill it with (new) content and maintain it *consistently* (I know you guys in the office love the word ;-)).

Anyway! A lot of greetings from hot summer Munich and the even hotter, summerier office in which I have to spend around 4 more melting hours... I have to plan another visit to Bremen some time soon, I miss you all :)